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Are the lectures in English?
Yes – textbooks, lectures and exams are all in English.

What is the enrollment deadline for undergraduate studies (proveri da li je ovo adekvatan termin za dodiplomske studije)?
At the beginning of the school year, final enrollment deadline is September 20th. There is the possibility for the postponed enrollment, according to the following schedule:

  1. for January trimester (ako se  trimestar ovako kaze) –  until December 12th
  2. for March trimester – until March 15th
  3. for taking exams in September  deadline for application is June 15th

Is there some kind of the entrance exam and what does it imply?
The entrance exam is based on testing students’ knowing of English language. This test is predominantly important for the candidate, since the level of knowledge enables easier understanding of the lecturing and taking final exams. There is the possibility to take some additional English language classes prior to the beginning of the school year.

When does the lecturing start?
Preliminary Business English Course (Cambridge Business English Certificate) is held in September, for all enrolled students, free of charge and the regular lecturing starts during the last week in September.

Where is the lecturing taking place?
Lecturing is taking place at the ESB premises, Zmaj Jovina 4, at the third floor.

How long does it take to finish the school?

Students listen to the lectures during the period of two years (for the Graduate Diploma level) and get their diplomas afterwards.
English School of Business


English School of Business
Student's experience

English School of BusinessNikolic Nenad

After finishing high school in Belgrade I was not sure whether I want to continue my studies in Serbia or take them to the next level by going abroad.

English School of Business

English School of BusinessAleksandra Putrih

I have always felt some kind of hesitation about signing up for one of our faculties at the University of Belgrade. I think that it was the uncertainty about the job and the job position after 5-year hard work...

English School of Business

English School of BusinessAna Senicic

I finished my fourth year of high school in USA and after being away from home for such a long time, I wanted to stay in Serbia for a while. The only issue bothering me was the choice of college I soon had to make...

English School of Business

English School of BusinessSanda Plavec

I finished ESB (marketing major) fairly quickly, passing all exams on time, learning and sharing new experiences, expanding my business English vocabulary by way of interesting lectures, and I got a job at the Societe Generale bank in Belgrade, as a clerk, later promoted to the position of Account Officer for retail clients...

English School of Business