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English School of Business
English School of Business

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English School of Business


English School of Business
Student's experience

English School of BusinessNikolic Nenad

After finishing high school in Belgrade I was not sure whether I want to continue my studies in Serbia or take them to the next level by going abroad.

English School of Business

English School of BusinessAleksandra Putrih

I have always felt some kind of hesitation about signing up for one of our faculties at the University of Belgrade. I think that it was the uncertainty about the job and the job position after 5-year hard work...

English School of Business

English School of BusinessAna Senicic

I finished my fourth year of high school in USA and after being away from home for such a long time, I wanted to stay in Serbia for a while. The only issue bothering me was the choice of college I soon had to make...

English School of Business

English School of BusinessSanda Plavec

I finished ESB (marketing major) fairly quickly, passing all exams on time, learning and sharing new experiences, expanding my business English vocabulary by way of interesting lectures, and I got a job at the Societe Generale bank in Belgrade, as a clerk, later promoted to the position of Account Officer for retail clients...

English School of Business